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About Liberry: Track Your Reading Your Way

Liberry aims to be the independent, fully customizable reading tracking app of your dreams! Add books to your library as you read them, tag and categorize them however you want, and Liberry will take care of the rest, with elegant charts and graphs that display your reading trends and progress on goals with the tap of a button.

We want to make the best reading tracking app possible, so we'd love to hear what you want from a reading tracking app! Scroll down to see examples of how you could use Liberry and take a survey to give us your thoughts!

Progress bar for 2018 goal of reading 20 books by authors of colour: 65% (13 books) done, 7 left to go.
Donut chart for 2018 book formats: 9% hardcover, 58% paperback, 20% ebook, 13% audiobook Area chart showing thousands of words read over the year, broken down in novels, short fiction, and fanfic. There is a bar chart at the bottom showing total precentages for the year: 2,964K or 69% novels, 392K or 9% short fiction, and 924K or 22% fanfc.

We're building an easy-to-use interface and robust data options, so Liberry can accommodate the needs of all kinds of readers. Did you make a New Year's Resolution to read more comics? More work by authors of colour? More books starring nonbinary protagonists? Want to compare your reading habits for original fiction vs. fanfic? Liberry will let you enter the relevant information for each book, and will collate the data to keep you updated on your progress.

Sunburts chart showing authors broken down by race and gender: Men (White vs. POC), Women (White vs. POC), and NB (White vs. POC) Combined bar and line chart showing monthly reading broken into fiction vs. nonfiction, and a line showing a running total of books read over the course of the year.
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We are designing Liberry around your needs! We'd love to hear what you want from a reading tracker so we can make the best app possible. Take part in our survey!

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Who Are We?

Liberry is being developed by a diverse group of reading nerds! We are actively foregrounding contributions by and the needs of marginalized readers and creators.

Liberry is the brainchild of Ira Gladkova, one of the editors at the Hugo Award-winning fanzine Lady Business. They are an autistic queer and genderqueer reader, writer, and artist whose day job is user interface/user experience design and development. They are joined in initial development of the application by @alarisilver, a web developer who reads a ridiculous amount of books and short stories. Jessica Kurasch, our project manager, brings over ten years of project management and data visualization experience in STEM R&D, along with her lifetime reading and writing habits. In her spare time she hangs out in the woods and wrangles cats — at least 5 — who will be working as her support staff. Liberry's growing team includes developers, designers, librarians, and readers of all stripes.

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Contact Us

Tweet us at @getliberry!

If you have questions about us or the app, or are interested in joining our team, please email us at

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